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FAQ: Home Visit Log Form

7/2015 ES

The Home Visit Log form is very different than it used to be. There are a lot of places where it looks like narrative documentation needs to be entered. We have been using a different form to document home visits. Are we required to use this form?

Starting with PIMS 7.3, a new Home Visit Log form was provided that aligns with HFA requirements for documenting home visits. A few fields have been preserved from the previous PIMS form, and the rest can be found under the "obsolete" tab on the Home Visit form. HFA now requires extensive narrative documentation of home visit activities and observations, including CHEEERS, child health and development curriculum, family support, and family goal plan progress. Text boxes are available for documentation in each category, and beginning with version 7.3.5, boxes can accept unlimited text. Sites have several options for using the new PIMS form.

  • Electronic records. Sites can maintain home visit logs electronically. In this case, data entry is often done by the Home Visitors themselves. Peer Reviewers are trained to review electronic client charts.
  • Electronic records and hardcopy charts. Home visit logs can be entered into PIMS, and a hard copy printed for physical client charts.
  • Hard copy only. Sites can continue to use home visit log forms that they have used in the past, or use the PIMS Word document version of the Home Visit Form, and file them in physical client charts. In this case, it will be necessary to set Site Definitions in PIMS to the option of counting home visits from the Monthly Contact Logs.

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