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PIMS 41: Participation Tree

The date range criteria for the Participation Tree filters anyone who was screened, assessed, OR enrolled with the specified date range.

For example, if you set the date range to 1/1/2005 to 12/31/2005, this will include:

Anyone who was screened between 1/1/05 and 12/31/05 AND anyone who was assessed between 1/1/05 and 12/31/05 AND anyone who accepted services between 1/1/05 and 12/31/05

If a participant was screened before the date range (say, 12/14/04), but was assessed during the date range (say, 1/10/05), they would be included.

If a participant accepted services after the date range (say, 1/10/06), but was assessed during the date range (say, 12/10/05), they would also be included.

The total "n" for this report should be at least equal to if not higher than the "n" for equivalent reports using the same date range. For example, using the training data set, you would get the following "n" for 1/1/05 to 12/31/05:

  • 230 screens vs. 226 screens in the Screening Info Summary (226 vs. 230)
  • 45 assessments vs. 40 assessments in the Assessment Info Summary (40 vs. 45)
  • 21 accepting services vs. 18 accepting services in the First Home Visit Summary

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