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PIMS Version 7
PIMS 7.3.11 Installation

All sites should be using 7.3.8, 7.3.9, 7.3.10, 7.3.11. These versions are virtually identical, except that PIMS 7.3.11 introduces a Maryland-customized update to the Home Visit Activities report.

Known Bugs
Installation Instructions

Before installing PIMS, you will want to review the installation instructions below:
Instruction SetLast UpdatedFollow these instructions if...
PIMS 7 Installation Instructions12/23/15you are installing PIMS 7 for the first time or are upgrading from PIMS version 6.
PIMS 7 Update Instructions5/31/13you already have PIMS 7 installed, but would like the latest update.
PIMS 7 Training Instructions12/23/15you are installing PIMS for a training event.

For an overview of the history of changes in each version of PIMS, please refer to PIMS 7.4 notes.

Note that this version now uses the revised Home Visit Log, Staff Training Form, and Family Goal Plan (which replaces the IFSP). Download the most recent data collection forms.
The PIMS 7.3.7+ table formats are NOT backwards-compatible with earlier versions.

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