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PIMS Version 8
PIMS 8.0.13 Release Installation

For a complete list of changes in each version of PIMS, please refer to PIMS 8 notes.

Getting Started with PIMS 8

If you're new to PIMS but have completed your training, you will want to review Getting Started with PIMS 8. Sites recently upgrading from PIMS 7 will likely want to skim through this as well, for background on navigating through PIMS and the new outcome instruments.

If you're upgrading from PIMS 7 to PIMS 8 and want an in-depth look at new PIMS features, you may also want to review What's New in PIMS 8

Installation Instructions

Before installing PIMS, you will want to review the installation instructions below:
Instruction SetLast UpdatedFollow these instructions if...
PIMS 8 Installation Instructions11/7/17you are installing PIMS 8 for the first time or are upgrading from PIMS version 7.
PIMS 8 Update Instructions9/13/16you already have PIMS 8 installed, but would like the latest update.
PIMS 8 Training Instructions9/28/16you are installing PIMS for a training event.

For an overview of the history of changes in each version of PIMS, please refer to PIMS 8 notes.
For info about known bugs and current work in progress, please refer to PIMS 8 In Progress.

Note that this version may use some new forms (supervision, etc.) to be listed here. Download the most recent data collection forms.

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