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PIMS Technical Support Policy
last updated 10/20/14 RR

Each site should have one Support Contact. This is a person on staff who likely has the most PIMS expertise and makes the first attempt at addressing PIMS questions from other staff at the site. The Support Contact also serves as the liaison with Healthy Families America. The following Healthy Families America staff are available to address PIMS questions from your Support Contact:
Eileen Saks PIMS Trainer & Technical Support Specialist
(973) 984-8585
Day-to-day usage of PIMS including the use of PIMS for Healthy Families accreditation
Rob Reid PIMS Developer and Coordinator
(773) 683-1991
Assistance with PIMS installation, troubleshooting suspected PIMS bugs, and discussing PIMS contract proposals

Healthy Families America provides the following types of support for PIMS:

Type of Support


Contact Person


Experienced sites are encouraged to install their own software updates. However, Healthy Families America will provide installation support, via web conference, as needed to all sites. Rob Reid

Bug Reports

Support Contact at each site reports bugs directly to Healthy Families America.

Rob Reid

PIMS Usage
(phone & email)

Support Contact at each site answers questions at their site, but may contact Healthy Families America when necessary.

Eileen Saks


Healthy Families America regularly updates technical documentation on this website.


Training Events

Healthy Families America coordinates startup and additional trainings on a fee-for service basis.

Rob Reid


Healthy Families America schedules free webinars based on topics of interest identified by sites.

Rob Reid

PIMS Announcements
(surveys, updates)

Healthy Families America makes announcements directly to sites.

Rob Reid

Custom Data Analysis and Reporting

Healthy Families America coordinates custom reporting on a fee for-service basis. Some sites (such as sites in Virginia) may have local support for developing supplemental data tracking and reporting. Rob Reid


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